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Electro Reflex Energizer


hte-products-bulletADVANCED (ERE) Electro Reflex Energizer

A Class 2 Medical Device in Canada LICENCE # 66568

The Advanced (ERE) Electro Reflex Energizer is a foot massager that keeps your feet warm by heat stimulation, relaxes and revitalizes the whole body. It uses penetrating electric massage action under the feet, therefore refreshes and sooths the feet. It relieves fatigue, aches, pains and tension, and assists to improve topical blood circulation. In addition to the three sets of electro pads it provides a soothing electro massage.

Electronic reflexology Energizer

hte-products-bulletREFLEXOLOGY: WHAT IS IT?

It is the scientific principle that deals with reflex areas in our feet and hands which correspond to all the organs, glands, and various parts of the body. Reflexology reprograms the atoms, cells, and electrons of our body to the original state using the triggering points on our hands and feet. Reflexology among other things helps our body to achieve homeostasis, assists to unblock nerve impulses, relieves tension, stress, and even improves the blood supply where necessary. When there is pain the electrical signals between cells are suppressed and the Advanced (ERE) is able to restore the electrical flow in the pain area (as a result healing is promoted).


It is an electronic foot massager utilizing low frequency to stimulate trigger points and help us to relax. We only need to use it 5min. minimum to 30min. maximum a day in order to promote well-being in our body. It helps you to relax, to revitalize your entire body loosen tense muscles and tissues, and helps you unwind and reconnect broken or damage electrical circuits. As you relax you can feel the low frequency acupressure at the bottom of your feet. In addition you can attach the three sets of electro pads in other areas of your body while you do the foot massage (use them separately or simultaneously). You can adjust the mode, time, and intensity with or without a remote control.

hte-products-bulletFEATURES OF THE ADVANCED (ERE) Electro Reflex Energizer

bullet-orange-iconIt is light weight and portable
bullet-orange-iconIt has heated foot pads
bullet-orange-iconChoice of oscillation actions: pound, relax, massage, or auto (a combination of all three).
bullet-orange-iconIt has an optional remote control
bullet-orange-iconIt offers computerize programs which automatically vary the intensity, and speed of the oscillation.
bullet-orange-iconIt has a timer from 5min to 60min.
bullet-orange-iconIt has three sets of electro pads which are replaceable and can be used to stimulate the neck, shoulder, and other areas in the body
bullet-orange-iconThe Pounding Mode stimulates the soles of your feet and the internal organs.
bullet-orange-iconThe Relax Mode stimulates the top of your feet (mainly the angle region), and stimulates the lymphatic in the lower limbs and blood circulation
bullet-orange-iconMassage Mode stimulates the areas surrounding your toes and reflex zones that affect the neck, shoulder and head
bullet-orange-iconAuto Mode utilizes a pre-set sequence of all above modes

hte-products-bulletHOW TO USE THE ADVANCED (ERE) Electronic Reflex Energizer

bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water
bullet-orange-iconRemove your socks
bullet-orange-iconTurn ON the device and preheat it for 5min. before use
bullet-orange-iconNever place a dripping wet towel on the foot pads. If water or moisture will leak into the electronic components will damage them
bullet-orange-iconSet the stimulation intensity. Always begin from the minimum to the maximum until you reach the desired level
bullet-orange-iconIf you feel a weak stimulation in both feet then soak them in warm water for a few minutes, dry them thoroughly and try again
bullet-orange-iconUse the knee band to assist with a better contact of your feet to the foot pads
bullet-orange-iconDo not use it for more than 45’ min. a day.

hte-products-bulletUSING THE ELECTRO PADS

bullet-orange-iconKeep the Advanced (ERE) “OFF”, plug -in the electro pad cables in the proper ports
bullet-orange-iconSanitize the area of your body where the electro pads will be placed
bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water before and after the session
bullet-orange-iconSet the electro pads in the desired area of the body (NEVER APPLY PADS ON THE FACE OR IN ANY PART OF YOUR HEAD). There are two pads per wire, NEVER MIX PADS among the sets you are using for desire session
bullet-orange-iconTurn the electro pad control to the minimum position before turning “ON” the Advanced (ERE) device
bullet-orange-iconTurn “ON” the device
bullet-orange-iconSet the intensity control on the Advance (ERE) to your preference level
bullet-orange-iconAdjust the intensity level for each electro pad set using their individual intensity control
bullet-orange-iconStart from low to high to the level of your preference
bullet-orange-iconSanitize the electro pads after each use. Avoid sharing the same pads with others
bullet-orange-iconUse very mild soap, rinse them and air dry them i.e. hair dryer
bullet-orange-iconElectro pads must be replaced every 90 days
bullet-orange-iconElectro pad session should not exceed 30min. a day


hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF USING THE ADVANCED (ERE) Electro Reflex Energizer

bullet-orange-iconIt revitalizes your energy
bullet-orange-icon It is a foot massager
bullet-orange-iconIt may also:

• Detoxify your body
• Improve local blood circulation
• Adjust your autonomic nerve system
• Reduce fatigue and ease tension
• Assist to relieve stressful pains and aches
• Help with weight loss

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconWeight: about 6lbs
bullet-orange-iconDimensions: 16” Long
bullet-orange-iconDimensions: 16” Long x 14” Wide x 4” High
bullet-orange-iconTimer: 5/15/30/45/60 minutes
bullet-orange-iconOperating Temperature: 320 F to 1040 F (00 C. to 400 C )
bullet-orange-iconPower: < 18 Watts
bullet-orange-iconPower supply: AC 100-240 Volts/ 50-60 HZ (cycles per minute)


The Advanced (ERE)) Electro Reflex Energizer should not be used if:
bullet-orange-iconYou have open sores or acute diseases
bullet-orange-iconYou use electronic implanted heartbeat regulators, lungs, artificial heart or pacemaker
bullet-orange-iconYou have a seriously high blood pressure
bullet-orange-icon You have any medical condition i.e. allergies, skin disorders
bullet-orange-iconTaking prescription drugs
bullet-orange-iconYou are Pregnant or Nursing a baby
bullet-orange-iconPlease provide a caregiver to supervise the elderly and the mentally impaired while they use the medical device
bullet-orange-iconPlease check with your Health care professional before you start using the Advanced (ERE)






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