Fir Lumbar Cushion



hte-products-bulletFIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager

It is a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 85445

The FIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager has an ergonomic design as a support pillow that provides you with penetrating FIR heat and vibrating massage. It offers great lumbar support and assists in the expansion of the capillaries. It increases blood circulation, provides enjoyable heat, muscle and joint relief, back pain and may improve proper function of the kidneys.

The FIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager is an amazing engineering invention.

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconSize: 3” High X 14” Wide X 13” Long (34mm X 360mm X 70mm)
bullet-orange-iconVolts: (input) 12 V
bullet-orange-iconPower: 20 Watts
bullet-orange-iconRevolutions: 4000rpm
bullet-orange-iconTemperature Control: 108- 1130 F or 42- 450 C
bullet-orange-iconOne car DC adaptor/Charger
bullet-orange-icon2 micro vibrator motors


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