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power-eyeshte-products-bulletPOWER EYES # 800B


bullet-go-icon-arrowIs a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 8757
bullet-go-icon-arrowThe POWER EYES is an EIE MASSAGER which is another engineering complex invention that combines micro-computer technology, FIR, and micro-massager technology to massage the area around the eyes. As a result it will comfort and relax the muscles around the eyes.



In today’s fast paced and physically demanding life styles we abuse ourselves physically. Especially our eyes are stressed, fatigued, they ache and feel dry at the end of the day and desperately need rest. IF DAILY you are experience a lot of writing, reading, using computers, driving, using cell phones, TV, tablets, etc. you also may experience blurry vision, dry, itchy, tired, strained and achy eyes. Then you are not alone. OUR CREATOR never intended for our eyes to be exposed to so much over abuse. Instead He created our eyes as very delicate and complex mechanisms.


hte-products-bulletTHE COMPLEXITY OF OUR EYES

Each eye involves the coordination of the optical nerve and 6 oculomotor muscles which results in delivering sharp and clear pictures. The oculomotor muscles are strategically found on the surface of the eye orbit and control its position. These 6 muscles are the Superior Oblique, the Inferior Oblique, Lateral Rectus, Superior Rectus, Medial Rectus and Inferior Rectus muscles. The extrinsic eye muscles are innervated by the 3rd (Oculomotor), 4th (Trochlea) and 6th cranial (Abducens) nerves. Our natural reflex needs the help of vision in order to have a simultaneous response as the environment change. Therefore our very complex vision system is at a constant demand to work while we are awake. As a result at the end of the day our oculomotor muscles are very tired.


hte-products-bulletPOWER EYES Eye Massager and ACCUPRESSURE


The Chinese medicine use the ancient Acupressure Massage Therapy which uses gentle or firm pressure on specific acupoints (Pressure Points) on our body. Release of muscular tension around the area of the eyes is achieved by stimulating these acupoints. As a result we can experience relief from strain and fatigue. When combined with the application of Far Infrared Ray Heat during the massage session it gives a sense of soothing relaxation.


hte-products-bulletPOWER EYES TECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconIt combines FIR Heat technology that is safe. Controlled computerized mechanical action with pinching, rubbing, vibrating, sequence pressing and vibrating for massaging the acupoints around the eyes.
bullet-orange-iconA TIMER CONTROL of 5’- 10’- 15’minutes.
bullet-orange-iconFIR HEAT THERAPY and air-acupressure.
bullet-orange-icon3 Levels of air pressure adjustment.
bullet-orange-iconAUTO/MANUAL CONTROL with 7 massage combinations.
bullet-orange-iconVelcro Strap for proper fit on our face.
bullet-orange-iconA “V-Shaped” mask to fit on the nose, so it will not slide away from the desired area.


hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF THE POWER EYES Massager


bullet-orange-iconRelaxes the muscles around the eyes.
bullet-orange-iconRelieves eye strain and fatigue.


hte-products-bulletWHO CAN BENEFIT FOM THE POWER EYESS Massager


bullet-orange-iconYoung People
bullet-orange-iconThe Elderly
bullet-orange-iconOffice Workers
bullet-orange-iconComputer Users
bullet-orange-iconStudents, etc.




bullet-orange-iconRemove your contact lenses before the eye massage.
bullet-orange-iconYoung children, teenagers and the elderly they need a supervising adult when using the POWER EYES.
bullet-orange-iconAlways use a tissue paper between the mask and your skin (for hygiene).
bullet-orange-iconFor proper fitting tighten the Velcro at the end of the head strap and allow adequate space if the pressure is very tight when the air-sac is inflated.
bullet-orange-iconIt is preferable to set the CONTROL on AUTO MODE when using the POWER EYES. Practically you cannot operate the device when you are literally blind folded.
bullet-orange-iconFor each session use the TIMER CONTROL for 5’- 10’- 15’ minutes.
bullet-orange-iconTake an adequate break between sessions.
bullet-orange-iconUse the POWER EYES whenever you need to rest your eyes.
bullet-orange-iconDo not worry, the POWER EYES is designed so that it will not touch or place pressure on your eye balls.
bullet-orange-iconJust close your eyes when the POWER EYES are in the ON position and relax.


hte-products-bulletPRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE POWER EYES Massager


Never use the POWER EYES Massager without your doctor’s approval if…
bullet-orange-iconYou have a transmittable eye disease.
bullet-orange-iconYou have cataracts, glaucoma.
bullet-orange-iconYou have an eye sickness.
bullet-orange-iconYou have a detached retina.
bullet-orange-iconWithin 90 days after an eye surgery.


hte-products-bulletCARING FOR THE POWER EYES Massager


bullet-orange-iconNever use water to clean the device.
bullet-orange-iconAlways use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the area of the eye mask.
bullet-orange-iconUse only the electrical transformer provided by the manufacturer of the device.
bullet-orange-iconUse only an alkaline battery for the POWER EYES.




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