BettaloeBETA LOE is an immune system supplement with Beta Glucan. Boost your immune system with Beta Loe and avoid getting the flu or other diseases.

hte-products-bulletBETA LOE INGREDIENTS

bullet-orange-iconBeta -1, 3-D GLUCAN (Glucan 300) from Baker’s Yeast.
bullet-orange-icon Certified 1, 3/1, 6 carbohydrate content.
bullet-orange-iconCertified Aloe Vera by (IASC) and guaranteed to be active.

hte-products-bulletWHY BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM?

The immune system is a complex designed defence system which ranks #1 in importance for the physiological survival of our body. It is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against any disease. The immune system is designed to protect against millions of viruses, bacteria, toxins, microbes and parasites that attack and attempt to enter out body. When our immune system is weak, compromised or stops functioning, it leaves the door open for those deadly intruders to enter in. Within a few weeks the body begins to deteriorate and eventually die. The immune system consists of one trillion ( white cells which are responsible to maintain and protect the other fifty nine trillion body cells in three specific ways: a) If a bacteria or virus succeeds to reproduce and begin to create problems, your immune system will identify it and kill it. b) It creates barriers to stop viruses and bacteria to enter our body. c) When a virus or bacteria will enter our body the immune system will try to find it and kill it before it will be able to reproduce itself. A dysfunctional immune system will result in cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies and infectious diseases. The immune system affects our aging process. We will live a healthy long life if our immune system is healthy. We can then CONCLUDE that it is very important to daily boost and maintain a healthy immune system. We can achieve that by watching what we eat and drink and by taking immune modulators and (BETA LOE ranks on the very top.

hte-products-bulletWHY USE BETA LOE

bullet-orange-iconBeta Loe is an immune system modulator/Potentiator. GLUCAN 300 is derived from the cell walls of Baker’s Yeast. B-1, 3-D Glucan is a poly-branched poly-glucose with Aloe Vera which consists of more than 200 active biological compounds that make BETA LOE very potent.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE is G.R.A.S. certified (Generally Recognized As Safe), it is much safer than the tap water you drink at home.IT IS NON-TOXIC.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE is totally ORGANIC.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE cannot create an autoimmune problem in your body.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE can be used safely by anyone (from the very young to the very old).
bullet-orange-iconThere is a lot of scientific support through many years of ongoing research and lab tests that are well documented from the best Universities in the world: AUBURN UNIVERSITY, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, BROWN UNIVERSITY, US ARMED FORCES RADIOLOGY RESEARCH, DEFENCE RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT SUFFIELD, CANADA, etc.
bullet-orange-iconEach batch of BETA LOE is individually tested by an independent third party Lab and carries a CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE will retain its potency for five years, if it is stored in a cool and dry place.
bullet-orange-iconBETA GLUCAN ingredients are available from other sources but are not as potent.
bullet-orange-iconThere are other IMMITATIONS that do not deliver what they claim and cannot produce proper documentation.
bullet-orange-icon BETA LOE intake is a daily requirement for a healthy immune system.
bullet-orange-icon BETA LOE is a powerful antioxidant.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE has the best B-1, 3-D Glucan as compared with other similar products in the market (according to independent Laboratory tests).


To achieve the same immune e system effect as ONE CAPSULE of BETA LOE you need to take:
bullet-orange-iconOver 160 doses of MACROFORCE or NSC 100
bullet-orange-iconOver 64 doses of EPICOR
bullet-orange-iconOver 32 doses of IMMUTOL
bullet-orange-iconOver 8 doses of MAITAKE GOLD 404, etc.

hte-products-bulletLAB EXPERIMENT ON BETA LOE

In 2002 they did an impressive lab test for 7 days on B-1, 3-D Glucan with lab mice and folloed with injection of Anthrax Spores.
bullet-orange-icon GROUP 1: Given B-Glucan for 7 days then injected the Anthrax Spores—100% of the mice survived.
bullet-orange-iconGROUP 2: All were injected with Anthrax Spores and NO B-Glucan—50% died.
bullet-orange-iconGROUP 3: They were given B-Glucan every other day and then given the Anthrax Spores injection—80% to 90% survived.
bullet-orange-icon GROUP 4: They were injected with Anthrax Spores but also given B-Glucan—80% to 90% survived.


A consistent daily intake of BETA LOE will increase your immune system response by 40%, 50%, 60% or more. As a result you will not get sick as often. Even if you miss taking your daily dose do not worry (the effect of Beta Loe in your system may last up to 14 days).
CAUTION: Always ask your health care professional of the number of BETA LOE CAPSULES you need to take daily.
bullet-orange-icon1 capsule for every 50lb of your bodyweight and if you are sick double or triple the If you weigh 150lb divide by 50lb= 3 capsules daily.
bullet-orange-iconTake the capsules on an empty stomach.
bullet-orange-iconTake the capsules 30’minutes before meals or 2hours after meals.

hte-products-bulletBETA LOE BENEFITS Dietary Supplement

According to Vaclav Vetvica, Ph.D. Glucan 300 (Beta Loe contains that ingredient) can be beneficial for people with Diabetes, Pneumonia, Asthma, MRSA, Gum disease or even HIV.
BETA LOE will support:
bullet-orange-icon Adjuvant effects
bullet-orange-iconWound healing
bullet-orange-iconLowering of Cholesterol
bullet-orange-icon Myelopoiesis
bullet-orange-iconNon-specific stimulation of defence reactions
bullet-orange-iconAnti-Cancer immunity
bullet-orange-iconWhite blood cells (Natural killer (NK) cells, microphages, neutrophils and T-cells)



hte-products-bulletBETA LOE WILL MAINTAIN


bullet-orange-iconA healthy immune response
bullet-orange-iconExercise recovery time improvement
bullet-orange-iconAge – defying radiance
bullet-orange-iconProtection against free radicals
bullet-orange-iconJoint health
bullet-orange-iconA healthy cardiovascular system
bullet-orange-iconRelief from occasional gas/acid/ indigestion/bloating

hte-products-bulletWHO CAN BENEFIT FROM BETA LOE


bullet-orange-iconThose with impaired immunity from different causes
bullet-orange-iconThose with re-occurring infections
bullet-orange-iconThose undergoing irradiation/or chemotherapy
bullet-orange-iconThose under constant stress
bullet-orange-iconThose under excessive physical stress (workers, athletes)
bullet-orange-iconThose of 55 years of age (with a compromised immune system)
bullet-orange-iconThose living or working in an environment full of electro-magnetic fields and irradiation, i.e. computers, microwaves, MRI, CT scan, X-Rays, High voltage transmission lines or substations, etc.
bullet-orange-iconThose with high cholesterol level
bullet-orange-iconThose who eat a lot of fish or sea food (with a probability of mercury poisoning).

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HTE does not claim that its products will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. All the claims and benefits of Beta Loe have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.


hte-products-bulletCAUTION: Always get the permission of your health care professional before using this product.




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